March 29th 2024




Autoblogging, New editor, Enhanced Integrations, and more

We're thrilled to share the new BlogSEO AI feature - Auto Blogging (watch demo).

1. Visit

2. Enter Keyword ideas or YouTube video URLs.

3. Set the parameters, including number of articles.

4. Set the schedule for posting.

5. Enable auto-publish to your sites.

Here are our other product updates to improve your content creation and blog publishing experience.

New and improved editor: The default editor for post-processing AI-generated articles has been upgraded. The new editor features a sleek, modern interface for a better user experience.

Enhanced integrations: Our Webflow and Shopify integrations have been improved to allow you to take full advantage of BlogSEO AI's powerful auto-blogging features.

Gotta go fast: We've sped up our YouTube Video to blog post generator and auto blogging capabilities. Extracting articles from video sources and scheduling recurring article publishing happens quicker than before.

Bugfixes: We've squashed several bugs under the hood to ensure a smoother workflow. Stability and reliability are top priorities.

More to come: This is just the beginning - stay tuned for additional AI enhancements and features coming down the pipeline. Our goal is to continuously improve our product based on your valuable feedback.

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