December 19th 2023



Major Platform Update, New Features, Pricing Changes

We are excited to share that BlogSEO has received significant upgrades that take its capabilities to the next level. The development team has been working hard, adding cutting-edge SEO and AI features to streamline your SEO, content production, and more. We are also changing our pricing options. Our users will receive an email on pricing changes within the next few days.

  1. Design: BlogSEO underwent major UI rework for a better user experience.

  2. Changes to AI Model: BlogSEO now uses GPT-4 under the hood (for paid users).

  3. Keyword Research: Discover relevant keywords effortlessly with the help of AI

  4. Web Analytics: Get a detailed analytics report of your website and its content.

  5. AI Content Generator: Streamline content production using our cutting-edge content generator.

  6. Competitor Research: Easily learn and adopt ideas from competitors and similar websites.

  7. Google search console integration: See your organic traffic sources, top pages, keywords, and web page performance data directly within BlogSEO AI. Track your SEO ranking changes and any issues affecting your site's search performance over time.

  8. Bug fixes: Squashed several bugs to improve the overall platform experience.